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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Getting Ready for My Final Semester

As January 17 approaches, I've become pretty nostalgic for my good old U of M. I took a walk to the West Bank across the Washington Avenue Bridge on Tuesday, which is something that I haven't done very often since I moved away from Middlebrook Hall. I just happened to need to go over there to file some paperwork at the Hubert H. Humphrey center, and it was so nice out that I walked on the south side of the bridge, just like I did all those late nights coming home from Marching Band, intramural volleyball, Wednesday night rehearsals, Applebee's, the Superblock, Comstock, Taco Tuesday, Pasta Thursday, or goodness knows where.

I smiled as a passed the Shoe Tree, which everyone throws a pair of shoes into when they feel they need good luck on their finals (found that out this past semester). Obviously with all campus lore, there are multiple version to hear...I'm sticking with that one. I'll be throwing a pair of old Marching Band shoes that don't fit me anymore into that tree at the end of this semester, but not because I know I will need luck on my finals. It's because those shoes carried me through two seasons of Marching Band before they didn't fit my feet anymore, and I will never wear them, or march in that band, ever again.

This week, I don't have any campus resources to share, because I don't believe there are any for this situation. Perhaps the University of Minnesota Alumni Association (I lied, here's a link:, which student membership in gets you 10% off most supplies at the bookstore, but maybe turning down that path now would bring reality too soon.

Patrick Puckett
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IMG_3384.JPG IMG_0485_0041.JPG wedge_0007.JPG

My friends Kassie, Corey and I having a sleepover on the floor in the Middlebrook 10th floor social lounge on our last night of freshman year on my broken futon mattress, the shoe tree from below, and the view out the window of the "wedge" of the second floor of the Middlebrook New Addition (circa fall 2009).