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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Community Service Learning

First thing you're probably wondering is "what is Community Service Learning?" Community Service Learning allows students the opportunity to acquire important new knowledge, skills, and civic competencies while providing services to distressed urban and rural communities. Community Service Learning is taking place throughout the country as well as here at the University of Minnesota.

The University of Minnesota's Community Service Learning is quite extensive in that this past year alone it was a part of over 100 courses taught at the U of M. These classes were offered from introductory level courses up through the more advanced courses.

I have personal experience with the Community Service Learning department from a course I took spring of my junior year. The course was taught through the Geography department and gave the option to complete a Community Service Learning Internship as a way of fulfilling one of the course requirements. I applied and received a spot on the group that would be working with Seward Redesign. Make a long story short, not only did I fulfill a course requirement, but I also received an additional credit by completing the Internship.


Have a good week!

Eric Maass
Bachelor of Environmental Design - May 2011
Master of Landscape Architecture - May 2013