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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


IMG_1906.JPGGood news! I get to design cabins in my final studio! The first assignment is to build a cabin sleeping four people out of SIPs(Structural Insulated Panel) that can be transported in a Ford F-150 pickup truck. My main goal for this project is to have the least amount of panels. In my first attempt, I succeeded with an 8' x 8' floor plan. One flaw with this design is that most small wood stoves will produce too much heat for this space, so I must research different types of stoves. When we are finished with this project, we will be displaying it at the Lake Home and Cabin Show in February at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Spectators will vote on the best cabin. Wish me luck!

IMG_1913.JPGOur next project will be working with a client to design a cabin on Lake Vermilion, which located in the Iron Range of Minnesota. From February 3-5th, we will be snowshoeing to our sites near Lake Vermilion. While we are there, we will measure the site and visit other cabins. The great thing about this studio is working with a real client. Although we won't be building our final designs, it is important to learn how to converse with clients. Pro Tip: shadow an architect often to learn communication skills.

I hope all of you are looking forward to the Dean's Reception in February!

Holly Engle
Bachelor of Science, Architecture