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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Back to school! Almost...

Break is quickly wrapping up and thoughts of school, classes and homework are slowly creeping back into my thoughts. Going back to school for spring semester is always a mix of feelings. On one hand, it never feels as if the winter break was long enough, and on the other it really feels like you haven't seen your college friends in a long time. Its nice to get back into the swing of things like classes.

My routine for back to school consists of a few points:

1) Buying books. This can be a complicated process, trying to figure out if you want to rent or buy books and from what sources. The bookstore offers text books to rent or buy, either used or new. I suggest buying all your books used if you can; they can be a lot cheaper and usually just have some highlighting or notes. Renting text books can be helpful if your'e sure you aren't going to want to use the book after the semester: like with your general education credits. I would highly recommend you buy all your design/fashion books, you will definitely need them throughout your education. (Find more info at


2) Schedule: Figuring out the fastest and easiest way of transportation around the campus can be daunting, but it really will help to walk around through your schedule before the first day of classes, especially if you are unfamiliar with the area.

3) Buy supplies: You will need a lot of supplies for your classes, from pencils and notebooks to sewing materials. I usually buy my normal school stuff at Target or the school bookstore before the first day of class. I wait until I have my first design classes for more specific design supplies; the professors will usually give you more detailed lists the first day.

Lucie Mulligan, apparel design major