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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

...and Classes Begin!

Today marked the beginning of the Spring 2012 term here at the U of M - it feels great to be back in the classroom. I'm expecting this semester to be both challenging and intellectually stimulating, it will be my first term where all of my classes are offered through the College of Design (all 15 credits). Here's a list of the courses I am taking this semester:

- Housing Policy (HSG 5463)
- Design Fundamentals I (ARCH 1281)
- Architecture and Ecology (ARCH 4561)
- Understanding Housing: Assessment and Analysis (HSG 5464)

The first day of classes often aren't much more than brief introductions and syllabus-related things, but we dove right into the material in my Housing Policy course. Housing Policy is a required course for housing studies majors, but is taught primarily as a graduate-level course. While this may have made me nervous hearing this as a freshman, our professors have very much prepared us for graduate courses in our first few years of the housing program. The fact that I know what the professor is talking about in class makes me feel like I've come a long ways in the last few years!


Stay warm, it's getting cold out!

Jesse LaMaack - Housing Studies, B.S.