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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Time to be Awesome

While many students on campus are preparing themselves for those important final exams before winter break next week, my course schedule brought crazy time a week early this year. It just so happens that for me this fall (for the first time in my college career) there will be no cumulative final exams, but rather a week-long marathon of final paper deadlines, final presentations, and other random things. Never before in my life have been more busy/not even close to being bored, but the final results really make me appreciate everything I have learned this year how much I will miss this lifestyle when I'm older.


Today, I woke up early and handed in my final project proposal for my Technical and Professional Writing course on the St. Paul Campus. Definitely put that one off until the last minute, but a job well done. After a bit of frantic material-gathering and finishing touches, I went to my final Designed Environment lecture and handed in summaries from various guest lecturers from the College of Design's annual lecture series, a sketch book informally illustrating our experiences with the semester's coursework (my very first experience trying to sketch things that aren't in the margins of my notebook, as you can probably tell from the pictures), and a somewhat dramatic eulogy paper commemorating the death of a building of our choice (which was actually more challenging than I had originally thought, it's kind of strange writing about a building as if it were a person who died). Tomorrow will be similar with a final presentation, but my hard work so far this semester has paid off so far and it has been very rewarding! Best semester yet!

Jesse LaMaack, Housing Studies, B.S.