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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

There's no "I" in Team

Being in school should prepare you for the real world, hence the emphasis on group work. The professional world consists of collaborating with coworkers in the firm and around the world. Architects also have to work with engineers, landscape architects, and other professionals to accomplish a holistic design.

In my current studio, we are working in groups of four on a housing project in St. Paul. Working together can sometimes be difficult due to schedules, transportation, and working. Being in one building (Rapson Hall) is convenient and helps make life a little easier. In addition, we are given an adequate working area that provides us space to make models, discuss designs, and use 3D software in the computer lab.

Communication is essential when working in a group. Make sure that you set a schedule and create deadlines for each group member. Pro Tip: Take turns at being the leader of the group so that everyone can take on some responsibility and gain leadership experience. It is essential that group members hold the other accountable for their responsibilities. Remember to talk to your group members often and learn from them. The most important things you can learn during school are not necessarily in a book. Finally, remember to have fun! Having fun is important because it helps group members relax and remain productive while building rapport and unity, making everyone more motivated to do their share. If you don't spend time taking a walk to Dinkytown for food or coffee, you might miss out on advice or a new friendship.rapsoncourtyard.jpg

Wish me luck on my review tomorrow!

Holly Engle
Architecture, Bachelor of Science