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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Studying Abroad?

Tonight, one of my best friends came back from studying abroad in London; and I got to hear about all of her wonderful experiences. While in London, she interned at a fashion agency that did brand management for a high-end designers. One of those designers was an up and coming high-end designer named Ronen Chen. Through her internship, she able to attend many events, some of which were London Fashion Week and an invite only Alexander McQueen sample sale. She states that both of those experiences were some to the best she's ever had.
(My friend Jana in London!)

I have also been thinking of studying abroad in London, and hearing my friend's stories only confirmed my desire to go. I only decided that I wanted to study abroad earlier this year; my plan is to go the fall of 2012. When I made this decision, I was uncertain if it going work out because a lot needed to be figured out. I immediately scheduled a meeting with my advisor, this turned out to be very beneficial. While speaking with her, I discovered that studying abroad was a definite possibility. I have been on track with my major and classes so even though I was fairly late in making this decision, it would not set my graduation date, spring 2013, back at all; especially, if I maintained a certain level of course work, 17 credits per semester. We wrote out all of the classes that were required for me to graduate and set up what classes were to be taken each semester. We even figured out the classes that I would need to take while in London. Speaking with my advisor was very helpful and made my dream of studying abroad next fall even more real!

Hope this got you thinking!
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