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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Printing Fun

One of the greatest classes I have ever taken at the University of Minnesota was a Freshman Seminar on printing. I took this class my first semester of college and it was one of the best class choices I've ever made. Freshman Seminars are specifically designed for first-year students. This is awesome because, it give you an opportunity to interact with other students and faculty in a smaller classroom setting, making it super easy to connect with people. I actually met one of my best friends in my freshman seminar; and had I not taken the class we might have never met otherwise.

Not only did this class help me meet people, it also taught me many interesting things; some of which were, how to use a printing press and how to screen print. It was very intriguing to learn about the history of the printing press as well as how to operate one. There was a lot more to it than I expected, but it was fun. Learning how to screen-print was my favorite out of the two, partly because we got to make t-shirts of our own design. It was fascinating to see how graphic t-shirts were made and also have the ability to make one yourself! Taking a Freshman Seminar was a great experience for me and I highly recommend taking one. There is so much that is gained: knowledge, skills, relationships with factually members, and new friendships. You can only benefit!
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(The t-shirts I made)
Sasenka Curic- Retail Merchandising