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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pecha what?

So this week was pretty much the culmination of my fall semester. I have a final in my 5000-level Psychology of Advertising class next Wednesday, but that doesn't really count--it's all multiple choice.

What I was really worried about getting done were my final deliverables for Graphic Design 4: Integrative Campaign and Graphic Design Senior Seminar. For GD4, I had to put together a presentation covering all four of the design phases we went to, and make sure it didn't take longer than 10 minutes to present. I also had to design and order a book that is the culmination of the project, but includes all of the work that we went through instead of cutting it down.

Senior seminar was a different story. I'm not a fan of this presentation format, but I had to put together what's called a PechaKucha. PechaKucha (petch-ah-kuh-cha) night started in Tokyo in 2003 as a way for young designers to get together to share information very quickly. It's 20 slides, 20 seconds per slide, and your slides automatically advance. You may or may not get pulled off the stage if you run late (apparently my professor had been at one of these things that people had to stop talking right at 6:40, the length of the presentation).

People reading this may be four years away from fulfilling these projects, but I think it's helpful to know about ahead of time. Maybe PechaKucha is a speaking format you're familiar with and quite enjoy. If you haven't heard of it, you might be able to find some on YouTube!

Next week: Winter break!

Patrick Puckett
Graphic Design BFA

My note cards for my final presentation in GD4. I'm done!!