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Monday, December 19, 2011

Finals of a Design Student

The semester is over! And I am almost done with my finals! The stress is just about subsiding and everything is wrapping up rather nicely.

As a design student most of your final projects and presentations, for your design studios and classes, will be during the last week of the actual semester or during the designated finals week, which is the week following the end of semester, with a "study day" in between. I had my second to last presentation today and my final studio presentation is this Wednesday. Juggling your studio presentations and projects with your general education class finals can be a challenge, but part of the true college experience is learning to manage your time and prioritize. It may seem daunting at first glance, but trust me, you will be just fine!

The final presentation I had today was for my Retail Trend's Forecasting class. Today we showed off my group's hard work in our fashion photo shoot magazine spread, forecasting fashion trends. We created an 8 page spread using clothing, etc we forecasted would be trendy in the next season using techniques we learned throughout the class. Overall, we were very pleased with our final product and got good feedback! Here is a page from the spread!

Stairs Final_text.jpg

One of the best things about final presentations in design studios is the chance to see all your classmates' work. Everyone falls into their own place and style and the projects always show this diversity and uniqueness. Its also a great bonding moment for everyone, because you're done!!

Lucie Mulligan, Apparel Design