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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Finals are over, Home at last!

caffeineoutofdecaf.jpegWhew! What a relief to finally be done with finals! I had my last one on Wednesday morning, bright and early at 8 AM. It was kind of nice because I had two finals on the last day of each class for my Design Thinking (1101W) class and Drawing (1311). Then I had my Interior Design (1601) final/presentation on Saturday morning. From then until Wednesday, I had plenty of time to study for what was probably one of my harder exams. With all that time, I spent my days in various study spaces on campus including Coffman, Walter Library, The Purple Onion, Espresso Expose, and my cozy, little apartment to name a few. Hard work payed off because my exam was a breeze! Not because it was easy to begin with, but because I tactfully studied. For instance, the day before the final, I met with my professor Dr. Kim Johnson and she help me to review. She also gave me two good pieces of advice which were simple but powerful. One being to get lots of sleep for the night before, and two being not to have any caffeine before the exam. I listened, and I felt great the next day! Well rested, well prepared, and ready overall. I'm definitely applying those two tips to my semesters to come because they really worked!

Grades are due from professors on December 29th, and I'm pretty excited to start seeing what I got for final grades in all of my classes.

Happy Holidays Everyone! Talk to you again soon :)

Ashley Ochiagha
Interior Design