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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Final Projects

Most classes have final exams, but there are some have final projects instead. The past two weeks I have been working on a couple of final projects: a photo-shoot editorial for my Fashion Trends class (ADES 3217) and a brand development project for my Retail Promotions class (RM 4216). Both projects were very time consuming but they were also a lot of fun. I definitely prefer projects to tests.

For the photo project, my group and I were to develop a fashion spread; we had to find models, strategically plan outfits, and create a theme and storyline for the shoot. Wanting to venture away from the norm of female models, my group decided to create an all male fashion spread; we enlisted our closest guy friends to be our models. The theme for the shoot was "Work and Play"; we dressed our models in business and business casual attire, while photographing them in various locations around Minneapolis. We wanted to create the idea that these men were skipping work to have some fun around town.
Here is one picture from our fashion spread.

The other project was more of a research project; we were to develop a brand and determine successful ways to marketing it to our "target consumer". Through, the assignment was mostly writing based; it also had some fun and creative elements to it. Being required to create an actual, physical ad, my group decided to create a billboard advertisement; and here it is below.


Have a great week!
Sasenka Curic - Retail Merchandising