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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Presents and Camaraderie

prints.jpgMustache: that was the theme for my relief, screen, and digital processes final, which also turned out to be a great holiday card! This class was by far one of my favorite classes ever. It gave me a chance to reassess my abilities as an artist outside of architecture. The first assignment was a self-portrait. After failing miserably at that, I stepped up my game and spent numerous hours carving multiple blocks to create Zamingo (half-zebra, half-flamingo). This project taught me time management because my hand started to go numb after a few hours of carving. Halfway through the semester, we switched into screen-printing, which was by far my favorite. I enjoyed the process of screen-printing more than woodblock because it was instantly gratifying to produce work and super-easy to make multiple prints. Thankfully, I never seriously injured myself with my carving tools. Safety first!

Although it was held in Regis Center for Art on West Bank (completely out of my bubble), I took pleasure in looking at student installations and touring the Katherine E. Nash Gallery as much as possible. The U of M has an exceptional printmaking studio that provides ink, paper, and tools. The class covered block printing (using both wood and linoleum) to screen-printing. I even learned a few tricks so I can screen-print at home! These new techniques I learned can now be used to facilitate my studio work. For now, I will continue making Christmas presents for my friends and family. Click here to see more artwork!

Next week, I will be in Phoenix attending the 2011 AIAS National Forum!

Happy Holidays!

Holly Engle
Architecture, B.S.