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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Break.... A time for updating.

Hi everyone,

Hope you are having an enjoyable holiday season. I was able to make it home (to Freedom, Wisconsin) for christmas and had a fun time seeing a lot of family I had not seen in awhile, including a cousin who recently got engaged... Exciting! Now I am looking forward to getting in a bit of Ice Fishing as well updating my design portfolio! portfolio_photo1.jpg

While a bit daunting, christmas break offers a great opportunity to update a portfolio because all of the work you have completed the fall semester is still fresh in your mind. You have received feedback from your professors and know exactly what needs to be fixed (which is much easier to sit down and do when you don't have to worry about homework!) This also gives you a good chance to do some proper file management and organize your files (as well as back them up on an external hard drive, which I highly recommend.)

There are a number of online "how to" guides for creating a portfolio but I prefer to create my own template because in a way a portfolio is yet another example of my/your creativity and skill. I fill my portfolio with examples of a wide range of work from proposed zoning based around environmental requirements to full design projects that shows my design process from start to finish. I also try and sprinkle in an independent project to show a bit of outside work. Currently I am using a project I completed at my summer internship last year.

Creating/Updating your portfolio this time of year is also convenient because the application process for summer jobs/internships is right around the corner! Luckily the U of M has its very own employment search engine called Gold Pass. I found my internship last year at the Ramsey Conservation District there, so trust me when I say it is an invaluable resource!

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your breaks! Until next week...

Eric Maass
Bachelors of Environmental Design - May 2011
Masters of Landscape Architecture - May 2013