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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Typical Conversation with Non-Majors:

As housing studies students, we often joke about how most people react when they ask what our major is. Here's how it goes:

- "So what are you majoring in?"

- "Housing studies."

- "What?"

And then we proceed onto various attempts of explaining our coursework in a nutshell. Some will say that it is similar to a real estate development degree, others will say it's a lot like the urban studies program with a more residential/design focus. One truth that can be said is that housing studies is very multidisciplinary, which ultimately produces very well-rounded graduates who get real jobs with their undergrad degree. Our core housing coursework relates the human need for shelter to various fields of study in sociology, technology, finance, management, entrepreneurship, public policy, sustainability, design and building science. And that's before we branch out into our concentrations. This is why us housing studies students often have difficulty providing people with a brief explanation - we just know that there's a lot to learn and a lot of work to be done.

Anyways...I'm completely done with fall semester! It feels quite relaxing to be done, but definitely hasn't brought about the massive amounts of free time that I've been anticipating! No school = more availability at my work. At least I'm keeping busy and making money! The household puppy, Chester, clearly has different priorities.


IMAG0028.jpg I want it to snow again so we can use the ice rink in our yard! Happy Holidays!

Jesse LaMaack - Housing Studies, B.S.