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Monday, November 28, 2011

Week in the Life: Apparel Design Student

For this blog post I thought it would be interesting to write about my day to day activities through out the week. Being a design student, but also pursuing a Bachelor's Degree, means that you take design classes: studios, etc., as well as other general education classes. Your general education credits are completed throughout your four years at the University of Minnesota, unlike other majors where you take only general education credits for the first two years, and then move on to the major requirements. This means that you are constantly juggling many different types of classes and homework, which can be stressful, but also keeps your days interesting and always changing.

Here is a photo of my weekly schedule this semester, color coded for different classes/other obligations:


This semester I am taking four classes, two of which are design related. One is a studio class that I have mentioned before in my posts (From Inspiration to Completion), and one is a trending class where we focus on how trends are determined and communicated through fashion and media.

My other two classes this semester are both general education classes. One of these classes is a writing class: Technical and Professional Writing. This class fulfills a requirement that is needed for graduation for my Apparel Design major, but I was able to choose from a variety of different classes. The other class a geology lecture with a lab, this class gives credit for the "environmental science with a lab" requirement. You will learn more about these requirements and classes through your academic adviser.

I also work during the week and have my classes and other obligations scheduled in around my work hours. As you can see, the life of design student is very busy, but very fun!

Lucie Mulligan, Apparel Design