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Wednesday, November 23, 2011


About two weeks ago, AIAS was asked by Paramount to make a clock for the new Martin Scorsese film HUGO. The clock would be displayed in the University of Minnesota Coffman Bookstore to promote the movie premiere. Before we agreed to take on the challenge of designing and building the clock, we requested a small budget to cover the cost of materials, which was approved. Pro Tip: Always ask. Professionals expect you to negotiate.

By the time we finalized the design, we had a week to do all of the assembly and fabrication work. We used the new Digital Fabrication Lab in Rapson Hall to laser-cut the numbers, gears, and swirls around the clock. Then the base was cut in the amazing woodshop in Rapson. If you have toured other schools, you probably realized that the University of Minnesota has great resources for their students. Finally, we spray-painted the clock and assembled it in our third-year studio.

P1030752.JPGAfter we dropped the clock off at the bookstore, we attended an advance screening of the movie! HUGO was the perfect movie to the motivate students through finals. I would suggest seeing it in the 3D because of the remarkable graphic rendering. Pro Tip: When working on a project outside of school, remember to make it fun.

P1030754.jpgFind the time to design and make the clock was difficult with all of the homework we had, but our team and resources made it possible. The College of Design provides a wealth of resources for every student.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Holly Engle
Bachelor of Science- Architecture