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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Areas of Concentration

barrack-street%20small.jpegAs housing studies majors, all students are required to eventually choose one of five different areas of emphasis related to housing. These are community development and policy, housing technology, management and finance, selected populations, and sustainability. The different concentrations allow us to explore other academic departments of our own interest and give us a lot of flexibility when choosing a minor, which most housing students end up earning by graduation. It's really interesting to see how the areas of concentration have led housing grads in a variety of different directions - from city planners to commercial bankers.

My particular area of focus is housing technology with a minor in architecture. Emerging technology has not only increased the overall efficiency of our homes, but also (in the last decade or so) spawned a wave of real-time home technologies used in a variety of ways including living assistance, safety, entertainment, security, and social empowerment. It's a project within itself trying to keep up with the latest gadgets and techy things related to housing technology, and I think it would be great to one day help implement these into new housing developments.


Jesse LaMaack

Housing Studies