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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

People, Place, Policy

hsg.jpgFrom the very beginnings of housing studies coursework, a large degree of importance is emphasized on the the three Ps of housing; people, place, and policy. These three fundemental terms integrally connect the broad range of theories and practices related to the study of housing and its multiple dimensions. The three Ps not only relate directly to the core housing coursework, but are also rooted in the various concentrations offered by the program - the processes of creating housing and how it impacts economic issues, health and safety, psychosocial well-being, technological innovations, and sustainability.
For example, take into consideration the complex processes of an average multifamily housing development project. The most basic existence of the three Ps can be found when examining the finished structure as a whole - designed to fit the needs of the people who choose to live in that particular place within the community, and adhering to specific policies enacted to maximize the site's relationship to the surrounding community and built environment. But that barely scratches the surface. People, place, and policy play a guiding role in every stage of real estate development, from site selection and project financing to building materials and design aesthetics. This goes to show that the three Ps can be applied to housing studies at almost any scale, whether it be the placement of your home on its lot or the layout of the streets in your community.

Hope you all have a great week!

- Jesse LaMaack, Housing Studies