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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Getting sick... DUN DUN DUNNN

Over the past week, I've been feeling a little under the weather. You know, just your typical coughing, sneezing, sleepy bit. I tried the usual over the counter stuff at first as well as just trying to sleep it off, but nothing availed. Finally I realized it would probably be a good idea to take a quick trip to the doctor.


Luckily, right on campus we have Boynton Health Services. Basically, this is a health facility/clinic offered to students, staff, faculty etc. on campus. They have locations on the East Bank as well as St. Paul. Since pretty much all of my classes as well as my job are over in St. Paul, I stopped there on Thursday.


The doctors there were all super nice and caring as well as very knowledgeable and informed. I hardly had to wait 5 minutes to see a doctor, and overall, the examination only took about 45 minutes total. Turns out it was just a weird bug, but I got prescribed an anti-biotic and I was able to pick them up at the Pharmacy located inside of the East Bank Boynton.

Thank goodness Boynton exists, because getting home would have been a major hassle! Since my visit, I've been doing what the doctor instructed, and I'm feeling so much better!

Ashley Ochiagha
Interior Design