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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

From Inspiration to Completion : Part three

Sewing a garment has many complex parts involved, many of which I have already touched on in my previous two posts about this project: inspiration, ideation, sketching. The next step, what I am currently working on it test garments and samples. Test garments are mock ups of the actual outfit that test out the fit and proportion of the pieces. You also get to try out your construction first before going ahead with your final, which is a good idea in any situation. You wouldn't write a paper without a draft right? The same holds true for designing.

In many, if not all of your classes in the College of Design, you will have to create drafts/test garments of your designs. This allows for editing and mirrors what happens in the real world. The biggest part that I am wrestling with right now in my test garments is the proper fit. Knits are a difficult type of material to work with, and this is our first studio dealing with them. Here is a shot of my test garment being fit properly.


As you can see, fitting is an integral process in the design world, and it involves quite a few steps. But don't worry, your professors will help you through every process and are always there to answer questions regarding your garments. They ever are available to meet one on one outside of class if you have specific questions not addressed in class time.

Next week I will show you my final garments and talk a bit about using the variety of machines available to you in your studios!

Lucie Mulligan, Apparel Design