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Monday, November 7, 2011

From Inspiration to Completion : Part two

Last week I posted about the project I am currently working on in my Studio class. Over the past few days I have made quite a bit of progress. After deciding on a final sketch of my design, the next step is to pattern a general shape. In your apparel design classes you will learn how to use various patterning methods like draping; putting fabric directly on the mannequin form to create your pattern, drafting; using book instructions to draw a pattern directly from individual body measurements, and modifying block patterns; taking very basic patterns and changing them to create your specific design. In most projects you will use two, if not all of the above methods to create your final patterns.

Here is a photo of my patterning process:

The photo above shows me patterning using drafting and block pattern manipulation methods. As you can see, it involves a lot of trial and error, with many measurements and lines to draw, but it is very worth it in the end.

The next step is to cut out your patterns and use draping techniques to check your garment is the correct size and shape. Here is me checking my knit project!


The next step for me, which will be documented next week, is to start sewing samples to figure out the best way to construct my garment. Sewing samples before starting on the actual garment assures that you will be confident when it really matters! The professors in the Apparel Design program ( all are wonderful and help you through all these processes until you are confident working on your own.

More next week!
Lucie Mulligan, Apparel Design