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Monday, November 21, 2011

From Inspiration to Completion : Final installment!

Its done! My knitwear project you have been following me through is finally completed! This past weekend I spent a lot of time in studio finishing up the actual garment, as well as samples, test garments and final patterns to turn in.

An important part of a final project is the final pattern. The patterns you use during the construction process usually get marked on, cut up, added on to, etc. and aren't the best looking when the garment is finished. The final thing you have to do when turning in a finished project is finalize and draft out your final pattern. You will learn about this process in your first studio class. The pattern is usually color coded with labels and names for each piece, to keep everything organized and easy to understand.

The main point of a final pattern is that a person proficient in sewing would be able to create the same garment as you did, using the final pattern you created and turned in. Precision and neatness is very important.

A final illustration is also often needed when finishing up a project. The professionalism of each sketch needed will vary from class to class. Sometimes a very technical type of illustration is required, while other times a simple sketch showing the garment is acceptable. Below is my final sketch for this project.


The final garment! Undeniably the most important part of the project! I am very pelased with how my design turned out. I got a lot of good feedback in critique, which is a kind of professional review of your work with the professor and classmates. These kinds of critiques prepare you as a designer for more important events like portfolio review, which happens at the end of your freshman year.

--Lucie Mulligan, Apparel Design

Final look!