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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Framing our Future

Thumbnail image for Framing our future.jpgLast week, the annual American Institute of Architects- MN Convention, Framing Our Future, was hosted in Minneapolis. The event contained a myriad of companies in an exposition hall, keynote speakers, and seminars. It was easy to learn about new products and technologies from companies in the exposition hall while mingling with local architects. Pick out the seminars, companies, and technologies you are interested in. This is not school; you don't have to attend that seminar about building codes, but it might help you on your next studio project. I attended the International Building Code Seminar on Fire Proofing at 8am on Friday. It was a little rough getting up earlier on a Friday, but the presenter was fantastic. I never knew fire door systems could be so interesting!5167618170_af6c5ec339_m.jpg

Getting downtown from Rapson Hall was rather easy because Marvin Windows sponsored a shuttle to and from the convention on Tuesday and Thursday. The price of the convention is typically around $200 for professionals but students only needed to pay $10/day or $25/week. What a deal! CDes and the AIA want you to succeed in life!

Attending a professional event can sometimes be stressful. Pro Tip: Don't be drawn into bringing your friends because that can deter you from networking with professionals. You want to make sure you have the right attitude and outfit. Consider dressing like an architect, which would consist of black stylish clothes and interesting glasses. (Not this). First impressions are everything!

Holly Engle, Architecture major