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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Everybody's Working for the Degree

Doesn't have the same ring to it as "weekend," does it? Sorry if the reference doesn't make sense.

This week I decided to focus on probably one of the most daunting requirements (at least I thought as a freshman) for graduating with a degree in graphic design: the required internship. I have a lot of friends who did their internships at a variety of different places in a variety of different settings. Some have found success working for the marketing office at University Dining Services; others have worked as designers for the Department of Recreational Sports; and a few have done them at local design agencies such as Uno (check out their extremely fluorescent webpage at Totally gels with my blog title, score!)

Personally, I did my internship at the College of Design Student Services office, where I have worked since my freshman year (minus that one semester I jumped ship to work at OIT. Now I don't pick sides; I just work for both). It was hard for me to identify learning objectives for my internship, but a conversation with my supervisor and my faculty adviser, Brad Hokanson (check him out, he's super cool, and you'll learn more about him when you come to school here. lead me to some objectives that have added depth to my current position in the office. Basically, since I was already a graphic designer, we just set out some specific projects for me to tackle and I also worked through some video editing, which I had never done before.

Career & Internship Services is the place to go for all things internship, including help finding one, practicing for interviews, and getting your resume critiqued. Check them out at

Side note: if you didn't notice, CDes launched its new website yesterday. It's super cool. Check it out at if you haven't already.

This is a sample of a campaign that I've done working for CDes. These materials were for College Day at Welcome Week--bookmark, table tents, schedule of events, and obviously, the t-shirt (used three years running).