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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cardboard Beds and Caffeine Dependence

Want to develop close relationships with fellow classmates, learn about the effects of caffeine on the human nervous system and acquire the ability to sleep on random objects in college? Then you should be an architecture student!

IMG_1540.JPGStudio will allow you to do all those marvelous things, and more. Currently, I am a third-year Bachelor of Science architecture student. My studio is located on the third floor of Rapson Hall and contains about fifty students, along with second-year graduate students. The space is amazing because Steven Holl designed it! (If you don't know who that is, please click on the link.) His ability to bring natural light into a space is impressive; although, sometimes the sun shines so bright we can't look at the fritted glass without sunglasses. Each of us gets our own desk, which allows us to personalize our space and keep our drafting materials and food in studio. Pro Tip: Always have a well-stocked desk with snacks and meals.

Thumbnail image for IMG_1536.JPGSometimes a typical day in studio starts at 8am and lasts until 2am. This is why caffeine, food, water, and music are necessities. Common space amenities include a fridge, microwave, and a coffee pot. Other items that you could bring are a hot pot, toaster, or a French press. If food is limited, Rapson is located close to numerous coffee shops and restaurants in Dinkytown and Stadium Village.

The night before a review can often lead to sleep deprivation, but thankfully a couch, desk chair, or common architecture materials like cardboard can be used to sleep on. Pro Tip: Time management is critical when working on large projects.

Studio is sometimes a lot of work but ultimately very rewarding as your ideas take shape. I bet you can't wait for your future home away from home. Every day is an adventure!

See you next week!