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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

As promised...

Hey guys! As promised, I told you I'd give feedback on how the interior design event I went to last week was.

First of all, I had a lot of fun! It was very entertaining as well as insightful hearing from five different professionals in the interior design industry. They talked about specific chapters from the book "The State of the Interior Design Profession".


Overall, it was very interesting to hear the different stances and opinions of professionals who are all in the same industry. We heard about topics regarding licensure, subcategories of interior design, and the many benefits interior designers bring to society.

After the event, I was able to network with three different individuals and get advice and lots of quality information. I was also able to get a business card and/or email addressed from everyone. One even told me we should get lunch sometime (which I am totally going to take her up on)!

In short, I am super glad I went to this networking and professional development event. It was helpful, educational, and a good time all in all. For future, I am totally keeping my eyes peeled for more opportunities.

Oh yeah, and have a good Thanksgiving!! :)

Ashley Ochiagha
Interior Design