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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Acer Rubrum... What is that? Answer: Red Maple! Planting Design!

Currently a class i'm really enjoying is Plants in Design. We've worked with a number of sites in the twin cities. Specifically a plaza space outside of the Guthrie Theater and Lily Plaza on the U of M Campus just steps away from Rapson Hall. Here's a picture of the model I built for that project! Lily Plaza Model.jpg \We've been learning about how different plants can create space and how to take into account seasonality, site conditions, and different moisture requirements.

We've then taken these ideas and created construction documents. These construction documents (if we were out in the real world and not students) would be legally binding documents meaning no little detail can go overlooked. These documents cover everything from overall site plan/design to specifics about the way a tree should be planted or a slab of pervious pavers should be installed.

Explored with our Guthrie Street project was the inclusion of on-site urban water management. We were required to include street scaled rain gardens to capture run off and allow that water to infiltrate into the water table rather than sending that water into the storm sewer. It was nice to have this included in a project because it applied so well to my summer internship at the Ramsey Conservation District. You'll often find that a lot of the coursework completed in the Bachelor of Environmental Design and the Masters of Landscape Architecture applies very well to real world issues in our profession. The skills you learn in these classes will in fact be used out in the "real world".

Hope you all have a happy thanksgiving!

- Eric Maass
Bachelor of Environmental Design 2011
Master of Landscape Architecture 2013