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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A day in the life

My typical Monday morning starts with hitting the snooze on my alarm a few times before finally getting out of bed (A morning person I am not haha). I get ready, have a big glass of orange juice and a granola bar and out the door I go. I live about 1.5 miles from campus so I either take the city bus using my UPASS, or ride my scooter (if warm enough) to class at 9:00. I then have a two hour class on stormwater management which is all about dealing with ways in which to use and store rainwater that falls on any given site. I then have a few hours which I usually fill with eating lunch and catching up on my espn news and finishing up any homework. Then studio from 2:00-5:30. Studio time consists of everything from desk crits (where both our professors walk around to each of our desks to answer any questions we might have about the project we're currently working on) to lectures to presentations. Often times I stay long after 5:30 simply because of the workload required of studio courses.eric_desk.jpg But hey, I always remind myself I'd rather be doing what i'm doing than memorizing math equations! I make it home when I feel like i've done enough work for the day. Usually end my night by making some dinner, catching up with my girlfriend/family/roommates and a little tv. I find that if i'm productive enough during the day my nights are more free (when a studio project isn't due that is haha). After all i'm in school instead of working at a job so in a way I try to think as though school is my job during the day.

Above is a picture of my studio desk to give you an idea of my work area.
Hope everyone is having/has a good week!