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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Walk Before You Run

Hey everyone,

So this week's blog as you can see i've entitled "walk before you run" and that is because of the way the curriculum is structured for the Bachelor of Environmental Design.

We all start out in LA 1301 a class dedicated to building the foundation of our graphic skills. All hand drawing it can get a bit tedious but well worth your time and effort because this knowledge will allow you to create more legible and more informed graphics later on in your academic career. LA 1301 Rendered Axon for blog.jpg

The next courses are LA 2301 and LA 2302 where you begin to use different forms of media (colored pencils, water color, marker, etc) and digital rendering using programs like photoshop, illustrator and indesign. You will find that often times the best graphics will be the ones which make use of both hand drawing and digital rendering. You then begin using these skills in the studio courses you will be taking to represent and communicate your design ideas!

Now... before you worry about your current hand drawing ability let me assure you I couldn't have drawn my way out of a paper bag (sorry for the cheesy saying haha) but that did not hinder my ability to succeed in the course work (and it won't to you either) as they really do begin at stage one! Click here to take a look at the entire coursework for the Planning Track or here for the Design Track of the Bachelor of Environmental Design.

Wait... there's two tracks? What are the differences? I'll be sure to cover all of that in the next post!

Till next time....