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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

To and Fro

Living off-campus can sometimes be a challenge, especially when trying to get to certain destinations like class, Gophers After Dark events, sports games, the grocery store, etc. Good thing the Twin Cities has an awesome bus and light rail transportation system along with extensive bike paths and a bike service, Nice Ride! I've lived in the Marcy-Holmes and Como neighborhoods in my time here at the University.

photo.jpgMy main transportation during the fall is biking because of the weather. On rainy days, I use my Go-To pass. The Go-To pass allows me to put money on a card instead of using exact change all the time. Since I don't use the bus all the time, using a Go-To pass is more economical. During the spring semester, I purchase a U-Pass, because the weather is a bit too harsh to bike in. If you're a dedicated biker, you can invest in snow bike tires.

When riding a bike around the metropolitan area, you have to be safety-smart. Always be cautious of motor vehicles because sometimes they can't see you, even if you are in the bike lane. The U of M provides cheap lights and helmets through Parking and Transportation Services. Erik's Bike Shop and Varsity Bike & Transit are located on Fourth Street SE in Dinkytown and the Hub Bike Co-op on West Bank.

Pro Tip: Wear a helmet and tune up your bike frequently because you'll have to miss class and work if something happens.

Going carless can be as easy as taking a bus or riding your bike. It saves you a lot of money, even if you buy a U-Pass or a Go-To pass. You won't have to worry about gas prices, parking, insurance, tickets, or getting towed. The best reason to bike or take the bus is the fact that you will be helping the environment!

That's it for now. See you next week!