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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Housing Alumni Gathering

Hello again! It has been a busy past few weeks for both me and the rest of the HOUS (Housing Organization for University Students) student group as we prepared for the annual alumni gathering. The gathering is a great opportunity to network and get to know those who have graduated from the housing program before us, and now enjoying a wide variety of different careers. Those who came to the gathering enjoyed catering from Kafé 421, friendly and insightful conversation, and an engaging speech/discussion lead by Professor Crump regarding the foreclosure and sub-prime mortgage debacle.

After all of the planning and poster-making I worked on for the event, an unforeseen obligation came up and I wasn't able to attend, such a bummer! Regardless, the gathering went on without me and everyone had a great time!

Throughout the year, the HOUS group hosts a few different events involving past housing graduates who are still in the area, and it's always so interesting to see the wide variety of careers our alumni pursue. Some of the titles include project managers, property/asset managers, commercial bankers and many more. This goes to show that the different areas of concentration can lead a number of directions when deciding on a career. Career and Internship Services on the St. Paul Campus are always so helpful, they're such a great resource!

As far as things that aren't school related, I've mostly been enjoying the beautiful fall weather and attempting to improve my drawing skills. Maybe I can come up with something good enough to post before the snow starts flying. Thanks for reading and have a good week!