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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

That's a class?

Hello Friends!

Today I'm going to be telling you about my favorite class of the semester! It's called Fashion: Trends and Communication (ADES 3217); I know what most of you are probably thinking, "That's actually a class?" Yes! It is, and it is awesome! It's a lecture type class, like most of my classes this semester, and it focuses on fashion forecasting and how fashion communicates through designers, media, and people. This class is very interactive; instead of having tests and exams we have writing assignments and class projects. I particularly enjoy the projects because I love hands on learning and exercising my creativity.

Our first project for the class just wrapped up. For the project we were assigned a specific market segment within retail, my group's was wedding gowns. Determining and explaining current trends within the bridal market was part of the assignment; however, we also had to predict the fashion trends to come. Doing the work for this project was very enjoyable, so mush so that I wouldn't even call it work. I got to visit wedding boutiques and examine dress to see what styles and trends brides were currently wearing. I also got to do some online and magazine research to determine the up-and coming trends for 2012. This project was such a blast and I'm very excited to start the 2nd!

This class is just one of many interesting classes that is required for the Retail Merchandising major. So I hope that this gave you all an understanding that not all classes are straight from the textbook and that there some very fun and entertaining classes thrown into the mix!

Have a fantastic week!

pink dress.png
This is one of the slides I used in my powerpoint for the market segment project