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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tables, Staplers, Boxes, Oh My!

Interior design studio (IDES 1601) is definitely one of the most interesting classes I've ever taken. From the beginning of the semester up until now, we've learned SO MUCH! For instance, we've learned about how to create concept statements about different designs, the elements and principles of design, how to do architectural lettering, and how to present work in front of an audience-- as well as so much more!

Here's a super awesome link to learn more about the interior design program here at the U!:

This past week in interior design studio, we got a pretty cool assignment where we learned how to technically sketch to scale. This is obviously pretty important because when I become an interior designer, sketching to scale will be a necessary skill for me to do my job.

For the sake of the assignment, and considering this was our first time technically sketching, my class was assigned to sketch a studio table, a stapler, and a shoe box. With our handy dandy scale devices, tape measures and trusty mechanical pencils, my classmates and I went to work gathering measurements for each item and then scaling them down to little baby sketches (which I thought were adorable)!

I found this assignment to be very beneficial and helpful in learning how to properly use various tools in our interior design kits. Although challenging at some points, tasks like technical sketching will become second nature with practice, and eventually, less tools are needed too!

I was super impressed with my finished products, and I definitely can't wait to start working on technically sketching rooms with walls, windows, doors and other building features.

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