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Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Hello again!

On Friday, October 14, I attended Rendezvous with the U, a riveting event held in Rapson (where the School of Architecture is located). The event was co-sponsored by AIA (American Institute of Architects) Minneapolis and the College of Design. If you have the opportunity to become AIAS Vice President, you will serve on the AIA Minneapolis board, which comes with a lot of perks! Pro Tip: AIAS is a great way to network.

IMG_1475.JPGThe event consisted of a lecture, a tour of the awesome new digital fabrication lab, a reception, and an exhibition of student work abroad. Istanbul-based architects Hasan Çalışlar and Kerem Erginoğlu of Erginoğlu & Çalışlar Architects (ECA) presented the lecture. They gave us a virtual tour of their work including an adaptive reuse of a former salt repository turned into an advertising agency.

IMG_1479.JPGAfter the lecture, a reception containing work from students that have studied abroad in Istanbul, Haiti, and Mexico was hosted in the Rapson Courtyard. We were also allowed to tour the new digital fabrication lab featuring a 3D printer, laser cutters, and a CNC router. I'm extremely excited to say that I have used everything except the 3D printer for my studio projects.

The evening was full of architectural learning and conversation. It was a great event to network at, especially if you haven't had the opportunity to connect with professionals. Pro Tip: I would highly recommend studying abroad for the benefit of networking with professionals. You may have the chance to tour their work and offices overseas!

Have a great week!