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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Rapson Hall... What a building!

mn-school-of-architecture-e1.jpg While the University of Minnesota is a large and extensive campus if you are a landscape design and planning or masters of landscape architecture student the vast majority of your classes will take place here in Rapson Hall.
The time spent in this building includes dedicated class time, time spent working in your studio space (more to come on these in future blogs!), fully furnished wood shop, computer labs, digital fabrication workshop(cutting with laser?!) or the central courtyard where a great deal of interaction takes place.

Your probably thinking, "So wait I have to spend all my time in one building?". No, this is certainly not the case as many of your general education courses will take place else where. However all of your College of Design related needs will be under one roof. Talk about convenient! Even your personal academic advisers are located in Rapson Hall and have weekly drop in hours in addition to their scheduled meeting times.

So what's so great about this?
1. Its convenient!
2. It allows for a design community to develop. You will begin to recognize faces and make many new friends with similar interests! This allows for a very large university to seem much smaller. Aka all the benefits of a top 100 research institution at a much more personal scale!
3. Networking! Your professors begin to know you not only by face but by name. They bring in practicing professionals (many of whom are U of M Alumni!) to speak to us and help us with our various projects.

...but for when you do need to get out of the building, the always scenic knoll area of campus is a short walk to the west of rapson as is the Mall area of the University which is considered one of the best campus malls in the nation! (Thank you Clint Hewitt and other faculty from the Department of Landscape Architecture Faculty for your work on this!)

My topic next week: Studying Abroad! (Inspired because I wrote the above blog post while on a flight to Seattle, Washington for my studio course! Hope that gets you excited!

Have a good week everyone!
... Eric