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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Let's Get Physical!

I remember when I was getting brochures from schools in the mail as a high school student, and I always thought it was pretty cool when the school showed me their recreation center.

Our recreation center here on campus (fondly known as "The Rec") is currently undergoing a major expansion project. It's still open and ready to use; it's just that the racquetball courts and the south gymnasium will be closed for a while. You might have caught on, but I'm a sucker for digital mockups of architectural space: check out to see the Rec expansion, which will be completed in Fall 2013.

There are a lot of options available to you in order to be physically active on campus. In the past, there's always been a campus-wide running club, there are intramural sports (visit for a list of sports and schedules--I play volleyball!), and there are a variety of club teams too. I have two friends that play on both the men's and women's club rugby teams, and my roommate freshman year played on the men's club volleyball team for a semester.

My experience with the Rec has always been good. The one time I decided to go swimming on campus, though, I actually went to the St. Paul Gym on the St. Paul campus. For one, I was living in St. Paul at the time, and for another, the pool is only five feet deep at its deepest--now that's my kind of pool.

Just for fun, I'll include the "team pic" from last spring's edition of Balls Boys (and Heidi). I, of course, created our t-shirts!

My intramural volleyball team, Balls Boys (and Heidi).