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Monday, October 31, 2011

From Inspiration to Completion : Part one

As an apparel design student, my all time favorite classes are always my clothing studio classes. You usually have one of these studios each semester and each one revolves around various basic skills and different techniques that are necessary to become a proficient designer and seamstress. A few of these skills and techniques that you will learn include: flat patterning, pattern drafting, fashion illustrating, computer aided design, draping, research, etc. Student services and your individual academic adviser ( will talk you though these different classes and how they relate to each other, semester to semester. You will also get a semester-by-semester schedule of what studio to take when.

The studio I am in right now is "Tailoring and Knitwear". I really love it! We just wrapped up the tailoring portion where I created the fitted jacket/pea-coat pictured below. I used wool and leather as well as matching buttons to create visual interest.


As a class, we have now moved on to knitwear. Inspiration for projects can come from anywhere, but it always involves the "ideation process", with many many sketches, one of which will become your final design. For this particular project my inspiration is coming from my fabrics and the colors combination. Here is a photo I took of my work space as I was sketching different designs inspired by the pictured fabric:


In my next blog I will continue to document my process while completing this project!