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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

From East to West ...and St. Paul too!

Being a Retail major means that I am everywhere on the UofM campus. I have classes on East Bank, West Bank, and of course on the St. Paul campus as well. The classes that I typically have on East Bank are classes such as science and math, mostly Lib. Eds. (Liberal Education Requirements). I spend the least amount of time on East Bank, because most of my major classes are either on West Bank, for business, or St. Paul, for design.

Being able to transition campus to campus is really simple and more convenient than you would think. The Campus Connector busses really make it easy for us! There is even a special route that the connectors take to St. Paul; it's a road that only they can travel on. So it's a pretty speedy trip, about 20-30 minutes from St. Paul to West bank. The buses stop quite frequently too, essentially about every two blocks or so. This is very convenient because they bring you to locations that are all within walking distance of mostly every class buildings. The time spent on the bus can also be of use. I personally enjoy it most on test days; it gives me a little review time between classes. And on non-test days for listening to music, catching up with classmates, or even making new friends!

Have a great day friends!

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Campus Connector bus