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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Checking Out the Career Fair

Hello Friends!
So, two weeks ago I attended the St. Paul Job and Internship Fair in hopes of finding a potential internship. An internship is required for all Retail Merchandising majors in order to graduate; I think that it is a fantastic requirement because it requires us to gain work experience in our particular field of study. And internships can also lead to job offers within the company! Meaning that we could have a job waiting for us before we even graduate! How awesome!

Printing out my resume and picking out my 'professional' outfit, I was prepared for the event that took place Wednesday, September 21st. I was nervous; there were going to be many big name companies to talk to. I've heard these companies talk in my classes before but speaking with them one on one was going to be intimidating, I thought. As I walked into the room where the event was taking place, I gathered my thoughts and proceeded to approach the recruiters for the company Kohl's. I introduced myself and expressed intrigue in the internship positions available. They told me about their internships, a store management internship that takes place here in Minneapolis over a 10-week period in the summer and a merchandising analyst internship that is in Milwaukee over a 10-week period in the summer also. They informed me that when placed in either position you are treated as a part of a team, nothing less, and that if you successfully complete the internship full-time job opportunities are available! I told them that I was very interested in both the internship programs and handed them my resume. They then told me that they were holding interviews on campus sometime in the near future and that I should apply online; I told them I would and then thanked them for their time. I was very happy with the conversation I had with the Kohl's recruiters because Kohl's was the company that I was most excited to talk to. I spoke with the other great companies like Express, Gordman's, and Target; those conversations went well also! However, I was still most intrigued by Kohl's. So the following day I applied for both positions online and I now have two interviews with them on October 6th! Wish me luck and I will update you all next week!

Have a great day!

Some of the information packets I received from different companies at the Job and Internship Fair.