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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Busy as a bee this week!

It started with working over in Uptown on Sunday morning. Usually I use my UPass
and take the bus to and from work, but I ended up having a free cab fare coupon so I
tried that out and it went well!

After I got home, I had a couple different homework assignments to work on. I did
some sketches for interior design studio collage I was working on, then I did some
different style drawings for another one of my classes. I also wrote a rough draft for
a short essay I was assigned. I felt SO accomplished after getting all that done and
I decided to reward myself by going to the Coffman Student Union to catch a movie
and snag some free food with a couple of friends.

On Tuesday, a girl from my interior design studio and I hopped on the bus to go
downtown so we could check out an art supply store. We got what we needed for
our collage assignments and stopped at a cute little coffee shop for some sweets and
caffeine before heading back home on the bus.

IMG_0704.jpg On Thursday, I had a meeting with an advisor in the Career & Internship Services
office in between classes. It's nice that the office is right in McNeal Hall, so I didn't
even have to leave the building to go to my appointment.

Thumbnail image for IMG_0703.jpg
At my meeting, Heidi and
I discussed some steps I should take to help me decide on different career goals
as well as good minors I could pair with a degree in interior design. It was a very
helpful session and I plan on going in sometime next week to chat more.

Also on Thursday, I went to a Rogue Valley and Jeremy Messersmith concert
put on by Student Unions & Activities and it was free! I love live music and the
performances were great, so it made for a really good time!

Today is Friday, and luckily I was able to sleep in! Catching those extra Z's was a
real treat. So far I've done some tidying around the apartment and a little bit of
homework. I'll probably go over to Dinkytown for some coffee before returning
to my drawings. I'll plow through some assignments this afternoon before finding
some sort of adventure for the night!

Ciao for now!