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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Apparel Design-Blogged!

Hello! My name is Lucie Mulligan and I am a junior in the Apparel Design program here at the University of Minnesota. I am originally from Iowa City, IA, which is in southeast Iowa, about 5 hours away from the Cities.

I have been interested in apparel and clothing design from about age 13. In high school, when I started looking at colleges I knew I wanted three things:
1) A big ten, "real college" experience.
2) A great school with a great program
3) A community in which to get involved and have fun

First, the University of Minnesota in the Twin Cities was perfect for me because it had all three of the criteria listed above. When I thought of "college", I wanted to be able to go to football games in a big stadium, meet new and different people, join clubs that interested me and basically feel like there was always something new for me to try. The "U", has about 50, 000 students, nationally ranked sports teams, hundreds of student groups, a strong Greek community, a diverse student body, and many other things that make it a "real college" experience.

Secondly, the University of Minnesota's College of Design is a great hands-on program. The program is small enough that you really get to know your classmates, and professors. Your professors know your name and care about you, which makes you excited about apparel design! The college also has wonderful studios with high tech equipment and a variety of computer based programs that give apparel design a new edge.

Finally, living in the Twin Cities while attending the U is a great place to be as an aspiring designer. The fashion industry in the Cities is young and thriving and it's easy to get involved: working at fashion shows, interning and even just attending local events! There is always something going on, and going out and experiencing the fashion world in the Cities doubles as a great way to network with professionals.
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I will be posting on this blog weekly and will talk about the ins and outs of the apparel design program here at the U, as well as other relevant experiences I've had while studying here.

I hope you enjoy my blog!