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Monday, October 31, 2011

A Day in the Life: Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

7:00 AM - WAKE UP! Get ready, get coffee.
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8:00 AM - Departure. Catch the campus connector, a shuttle that takes students/professors/etc. to and from different parts of campus.

8:30 AM - Lecture: Interior Design, course number 1601. It entails learning various things we will need for each upcoming project and/or assignment. Today we learned about Codes and Building Guidelines.

9:20 AM - I've got a little break. Today I headed up to the Interior Design studio because I wanted to get some work out of the way. A few other classmates were working in there too-- that's always nice for bouncing ideas off each other.

10:15 AM - Lecture: Intro to Design Thinking, course number 1101W. Love this class! Our lecture today was on Design Theories.

11:30 AM - Another break, this one is tiny. Perfect for a quick a little snack. Vending machine, here I come!

11:45 AM - Studio time! Interior Design studio is a favorite. Class time to work on assignments and a Teaching Assistant is there to help and learn from? Yes please!

1:40 PM - Another break! LUNCH TIME! I've also got a thing for Subway so that's where I'm headed. $5 foot long, hey hey hey!

2:00 PM - Time for work! I head over to 12 McNeal and Lucy and I go over goals for the day. Today we did some prep work for an event on Wednesday.

4:30 PM - Done with work. Back to the studio to finish an assignment! I feel so productive there so I'm really happy we have access to it basically 24/7.

6:30 PM - Done! Now it's back to the East bank to meet friends for dinner! Punch Pizza was calling our names', so that's where we went.

8:00 PM -- Today I tried out Espresso Royale, a café in Dinkytown. I hit the books and got the rest of my homework done.

10:30 PM -- Heading home!

10:50 PM -- Time for bed! I'll be up and at 'em early tomorrow.