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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Couple of Interviews

Hello friends!

Last week I had my two interviews with Kohl's and I am pleased to say that they went really well! I felt both composed and quick on my feet; and I have to thank Career and Internship Services for that. The day before my actual interviews, I went into Career Services for a mock interview. There, I met with a career service advisor who helped refine my interviewing skills. I was put in a similar situational environment and was taped during the process. It was a little nerve-wracking I'll admit, but very necessary; it allowed me to experience the nerves I would feel during the actual meeting with Kohl's. After the faux interview, I conversed with the advisor about my strengths and weaknesses. I was given some wonderful tips on how to improve and be better prepared in answering questions. One tip that I found helpful was to research the company, to look up articles, and explore all that the company has to offer. Having this knowledge is very beneficial, especially during interviews, it showcases your interest in the company and that you are serious about the position at hand. I experienced the usefulness of this tip the following day. One of the first questions both interviewers asked was why I wanted to work for Kohl's? Why I preferred their company over other retailers? I knew exactly how to answer this question, all thanks to the preparation done at career services. I am just so thankful for this resource and all that it offers!

Have a great week!

"For interviews always dress for success."