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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Busy Week in the CDes Office!

IMG_1708[1].JPG As I've mentioned before, I have a work-study job in the Student Services office of the College of Design. I am the assistant of the College to Career Coordinator, Lucy Reile. The College to Career program is way awesome because it allows students to connect with design professionals in their industry of choice. Connections like that go a long, long way because you get first hand advice from people who were once in your shoes.

IMG_1704[1].JPGThese past few weeks, Lucy and I have been busy putting together all of the necessary things for the CDes Mentor Program. Basically, this program matches juniors and seniors in the College of Design with design professionals who they will be able to relate with, get advice from, and even hang out with. As of now, we're putting the finishing touches together and getting all of the Mentors and Mentees paired. November 2nd is the Mentor Program Kick-Off is and I am beyond excited to see all of the pairs meet for the first time and start getting to know each other! I can't wait to be a junior so I can participate in this program!