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Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Little Introduction

Hi friends! I am going to tell you all a little bit about myself. To start it off, my name is Sasenka, but I typically go by Sashka. I am currently a junior and majoring in Retail Merchandising. I was originally born in Bosnia but moved to the United States at the age of six. I then lived in North Dakota until I started college here at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.
I have very strong interests in both fashion and business, which is why I chose to study Retail Merchandising. My desire and love for fashion began when I was nine; the day I first flipped through a catalogue. Wanting to improve the outfits, I started to draw and create my very own looks. My curiosity for business came in high school, when I got involved in DECA. I was very intrigued and soon realized that I wanted my future to include the fascinating world of business. From there, my aspirations grew; I decided that I wanted to be either a buyer or a clothing storeowner. Those dreams, however, quickly changed. A new dream, one that uses fashion to benefit the greater good, came into my heart. Presently, I have hopes in starting a non-profit organization, something similar to TOMS shoes, to help those less fortunate.
Besides fashion and business, my other hobbies include dance and photography. I have been dancing my whole life and simply love it! I never miss an opportunity to break out in dance. It is such a wonderful form of self-expression. My fascination with photography developed my senior year of high school. I decided that instead of getting my senior pictures professionally done, I would just take them myself; and I did! I purchased a "legit" camera and started snapping away. Enjoying it much more than anticipated, I continued to practice and play around. I now contribute and take photos for a fashion blog, which I started with a friend. It's super fun and a great way to keep up with fashion and current trends.
Well friends, you now know what makes me, me. To put it simply, I am just a girl who wants to use her passions to help those who need it most.

Take care, and have a great day!